Journal V: And Then I was Born

On the day my mother went into labor with her middle child, she had already decided that she wouldn’t be going to any hospital. It was going to be a home birth. She brought me into this world with the help of a colleague (and they say teachers only know how to teach). When I asked why she didn’t go to the hospital, she said that it was too far. It was the nineties, few people had cars, Matatus only made designated rounds and Uber was yet to be invented. By then, she lived in a remote village where she had been posted to teach. That’s all I know about January 26th 1993, the day I was born. Trust me, you do not want to ask for your birth story from a Kenyan mum. They will first feign amnesia and tell you how long ago you were born, ask how you expect them to remember. That is until you annoy them and you will get the full details. Just be grateful you were born and move on.

I love beginnings, New Year’s Day, birthdays, the first day of school, the first day at a new job, the early days of a relationship. They represent a clean slate. The past is designated to the past and you’re given a new chance to mess it up all over again. Crazy how we always end up doing exactly that numerous times. Beginnings also represent the chance to look back at the past and try to turn it all around and do better.

Anyway, I digress, so today is my birthday, as stated above, I turn quarter a century and boy do I feel old. So every year on my birthday, I say this will be the year that I will have it all. My writing will take off, I will graduate, and I will get myself a dose of romance. Well, on my twenty fourth year, I got it all, my blog picked up, I finally got to wear that cap and gown and got the powers to read (thanks a lot for making the past twenty years sound wasted, I spent almost all my life reading) and do all that pertains to my degree, (which is more reading, literature here we come). I even did a stint at romance; it didn’t end well though. Bygones.

There have been lessons learned and takeaways from the past 25 years. Here’s to hoping for enough years to fulfill my dreams and have those kids and that hubby that everyone has been asking for (Thanks for that Njeri, you beat me to it and now I will never live it down) and grandkids as well. Mr. Right, any takers? Mrs. Right here (Probably Miss Wrong but it’ll take him a while to figure that out).

Side note, this turned out to be an awesome birthday, I got hired for a writing gig that I had really been hoping for. Am so thrilled to do it, can’t wait to get started. I woke up to the sweetest Facebook post by my little sister. I’ll probably pay for that later. Thanks so much though hun, nakupenda.


4 thoughts on “Journal V: And Then I was Born

  1. Happy birthday hunnie. Spread out yourbwings and take time to discover and explore the wonderful person you are. Ps your blogs are getting better


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