5 Life Lessons that you Learn all by Yourself

The past month has been hectic for me; I have been working nonstop trying to get somewhere financially. The year started with me broke as hell and as all tragedies; my lack of two pennies to string together was accompanied by my phone blowing. I have been reduced to a kabambe. I learnt something shocking about a family member that almost shook the foundation of our family to the core. It has been a tumultuous first quarter of the year and I have carried away lessons that no one would have taught me.

  1. Family will be your greatest cheerleaders if you give them the chance.

We have so many choices in life in life; we get to choose our friends, our house, our career, and so many choices. Family is not one of them. When you are born, the people you are born with and born to are the people that remain your family all your life.  A lot of times, we wish for a different family, because let’s face it, family was meant to drive you crazy. You even pull disappearing acts to get away from them. They are the only people who will forgive and embrace you with open arms. Once you give them a chance to accept you, they will do so and not look back. They forgive you because in you, they see themselves. They will be your cheerleaders and a shoulder to lean on when things are not going your way. This goes out to my lovely sisters, thank you for being my cheerleaders.

2. True friends will pull you out of your darkest pit.

As I said, this year was hard for me. I don’t even know how it got there; all I know is that if it was not for the people I have met these past few years, I don’t know how I would have made it by myself. You get to choose your friends, just make sure that you are choose the right ones, people who will stand with you through the thick and thin of life and not feel used because they know that you can return the favor. An even if you can’t, it is enough for them that they were able to stand by you during your darkest hour.

3. Better to be tired than broke.

In this game of life, we are all hustlers; even those who have everything still want more. It is harder for you if you have nothing. In this economy, where the bare essentials make you sweat in the supermarket, hard work is not a choice. The price of food alone has left us wishing we could live on diesel like cars, which weirdly enough is more affordable than maize flour. Anyway, we’re Kenyans; we have pulled ourselves through worse, so get up, dust your hat and get to work people. Because when you have enjoyed your beauty sleep but are broke as hell, there will be no redemption for you. When you drop into bed at the end of the day all tired, knowing that you can afford it makes it all better.

4. There is no sure thing in life.

Nothing is ever a guarantee in life, maybe death, because there are ways of avoiding taxes which used to be the second sure thing. This crazy campaign season should probably serve as a lesson for us all. Losing is a possibility, even when you have invested all your money. This means that you should be very careful where you put your time and money. Be prepared to win or lose, it happens, accept and try again.

5. A little respect goes a long way.

When you treat people right, it is not always reciprocated, however, that shouldn’t stop you. When you treat people right, it means that you have made your peace with the universe. People will disappoint, but oh well. Heshimiana should be a life motto.


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