Scandal’s 10 Most Scandalous Moments

Scandal is an American political hit TV show produced by Shonda Rhimes. It stars Kerry Washington as top DC fixer Olivia Pope, Tony Goldwyn as POTUS Fitzgerald (Fitz) Thomas Grant 3rd, Bellamy Young as former FLOTUS and current Senator of Virginia Melly Grant, Jeff Perry as White house Chief of Staff Cyrus Beene etc. For a taste, here are what I consider to be ten of Scandal’s most scandalous moments.

  1. Sweet Baby (Season 1)
Olivia handling the staffer who had an affair with Fitz, she believed him when he said he hadn’t slept with her

The show revolves around the affair between Olivia Pope and President Grant, a relationship dabbed Olitz by fans of the show. When Olivia quits her job as White house Communication Director after Mellie finds out about her affair, Fitz goes on a rebound and sleeps with White house staffer, full Bill Clinton mode. Olivia is called in to handle the fallout from the affair. Having your mistress handle your rebound is a bad idea and when Olivia finds out that Fitz really did have that affair with Monica, (I forget her name so I’ll just go with that) she declares war on the administration. Poor Monica as it turns out was the product of manipulation by the VP’s chief of staff and she winds up dead.

  1. Dirty little secrets always come out (Season 1)
The Justice nominee and his wife, she was a prostitute when they met

The secrets in question are a client list by Washington DC’s finest Madam (Lady who runs a brothel mh sorry, escort agency). Incidentally, President Grant’s pick for Supreme Court Justice is on the client list and he had no idea. Now how would such a thing happen? Only if your wife was an escort for the agency and she entered the times he took her on dates as meetings with a client. She is such a great person that she even helped him pay for law school with the money she made. Oh well, there goes his career, but at least he was able to afford law school, you can’t win them all.

  1. When POTUS is comatose, FLOTUS runs the joint. (mid season 2)
The signature that Melly forged to prevent Sally from stealing the Oval

Following the attempted assassination of President Grant, he goes into a coma. To stop VP Sally Langston from evicting her from white house by using a constitutional amendment to make herself POTUS, Melly Grant forges Fitz’s signature and lies that he is awake. This puts Olivia in the unfortunate position of having to lie to her new boyfriend who is the Senate Majority leader and using her team to promote the charade. Of course Sally sees right through the lie. Luckily for them, they are all spares from prison when Fitz wakes up just in time to declare war to the fictional nation of East Sudan.

  1. Defiance, it’s a go. (Season 2)
The Fitz 5 discussing how to handle it

While we were rooting for President Grant, we had no idea that he doesn’t even deserve to be president. That is until we found out about Defiance. Following the evil machinations of the wicked overlord Hollis Doyle, the Fitz five (Cyrus, Verna, Olivia, Melly and Hollis) all agreed to use voter manipulation software to rig the election in his favor in Defiance county, Ohio. The worst part of all this being that Fitz had no idea. That is until Verna with her dying breath confessed to him. In the fall out, he broke up with Olivia, shut out Cyrus and became a drunk. It only took him 10 months to realize that he still loves her. And in a heart breaking confession, he tells her that he cannot exist without her, he is nothing and she is everything. Of course Liv makes him seat for the pain he put her through.

  1. Even the devil loves his daughter. (Season 2)
Doyle’s daughter during the kidnapping

The evil overlord Hollis returns to OPA with one of his ex wives in a bid to save his daughter who has been kidnapped. At first, Hollis thinks that it’s all an act, and with the number of red flags, it’s not hard to see why. During the entire kidnapping, there was no kidnapper’s voice. We were all ready to side with the evil overlord, that is until the ear was delivered, at that point, Hollis said that so long as his little girl came home safe, they could have the money. She was saved and pinned the entire thing on her ex boyfriend. That is until Huck put a pin on the whole theory and outted little Miss Doyle as her own kidnapper. Hollis made her pick money or family and shocker, she picked money and flew off into the sunset. I mean who cuts their own ear to dupe their dad into giving them millions of dollars?

  1. The Devil Came in (Season 3)
Sally calling Cyrus after she killed her husband

If you have watched Scandal, you know about the most Christian person on the show, former VP turned Liberty Lover Sally Langston. She believed in God, the Bible and was a staunch prolife supporter. Until she took a letter opener to her husband’s back and went all murderous. He was an in the closet gay and the marriage was a charade. When he was faced with the opportunity, he did the dirty with Cyrus’ husband James and there were photos to prove it. On seeing them, Sally took the nearest weapon and murdered him. Like a good Christian, she blamed the whole thing on the devil.

  1. Let’s Go to Paris (Season 4)


Olivia talking to Cyrus about Karen’s sex tape

Following the death of first son little Jerry Grant, FLOTUS started acting crazy and POTUS was too busy running the country. First daughter Karen was sent back to boarding school. At the first opportunity, she slipped her secret service detail and went to a college party where booze, drugs and sex were running rampant. Being the first daughter doesn’t exempt you from teenage insanity and Karen found herself victim of a sex scandal. While on the party, she had sex with two guys and they did a move on her called Eiffel towering (you can Google it like the rest of us, no way am explaining that). There was a video and POTUS was being blackmailed for 2.5 million dollars. Olivia swooped in and saved the day.

  1. Its good to be Kink (Season 4)
Miss Kink at OPA

When Whitehouse Press Secretary and former gladiator Abby Whelan discovers that her boyfriend is about to be featured in a kinky tell all book, she enlists Olivia’s help. Liv tries to shut it down quietly but Miss Kink won’t go quietly, she wants a pay off, since all the names of her kinky lovers are written in code, Olivia, Quinn and Huck have to decode them. The list is full of DC elite; ambassadors, the attorney general, senators, lobbyists. Eventually it is discovered that Miss Kink was just fighting for her right to be sexually liberated after being sexually harassed by her boss. Who said equality is dead? Miss Kink eventually finds out that you can’t mess with Huck’s immunity deal when she winds up with her throat slit.


  1. The Face that Launched a Thousand Ships (Season 4)
Olivia during the filming of the ransom video

Am not talking about Helen of Troy, am talking about Olivia Pope of Washington DC. Olivia was kidnapped in a plot orchestrated by Fitz’s 2nd term VP Andrew Nichols in a move designed to force Fitz into war with the fictional nation West Angola. When faced with the option of his mistress’ death or sending thousands of troops to war and possibly to their deaths, Fitz chose love. It didn’t help because the guys Andrew hired went rogue. Olivia found herself where most of us nowadays go to buy stuff, for sale on the internet. Were it not for former gladiator Stephen saving her, she would have wound up dead.

  1. Seductress in Chief (Season 5)
The photos of Olivia and Fitz leaked on Sally’s show

At the end of season 4, Fitz kicked Melly out of the White House and moved Olivia in. Sally Langston, Lover of Liberty gets her hands on photos of them getting all handsy on each other in the White house residence and doesn’t hesitate to air them on her show the Liberty Report. The fallout is so massive that Olivia pulls a disappearing act and goes out of town on a job. When she returns to DC, she outs herself as the President’s mistress to the media in the most ‘unOlivia fashion’ and Fitz can’t contain his joy. They can now live happily ever after, move to Vermont, make jam and babies. Unfortunately Olivia is not interested in all that and in the most blatant pro-choice campaign by Scandal, she aborts Fitz’s baby without even telling him she was pregnant and moves out of the White house. That was the last we heard of Olitz.


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