Two Scars

I bear two very visible scars on my body, one is a cut on my lower lip, the other is a slash on my arm just below the elbow. I remember vividly how I got each of the scars. The one on my lip, I got when I was in class 2, I was seven … More Two Scars

Day 2: The Weekend That Was, Ruracio (Dowry) Things

Nothing kicks off the festive season like a good old fashioned party. Am talking big, the entire village is invited. This weekend, one of my cousins was bringing dowry, having been in a ‘come we stay situation’ for a while, she and her hubby decided yo make things official in the tradition sense. The whole … More Day 2: The Weekend That Was, Ruracio (Dowry) Things

Journal: Untitled

What is depression? It is waking up in the morning and finding absolutely nothing good about the new day. It is lying in bed for hours worrying “unnecessarily”. It is worrying about the days to come and times that have already passed. It is carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders even though … More Journal: Untitled